Student Laboratory Safety Contract

The laboratory is designed to be an opportunity for you, the student to learn and experience different aspects of science. However there will be times that if the proper safety precautions are not taken you may put yourself or others around you in danger. For the safety of yourself and others, the rules regarding safety must be followed with out fail. These rules have been put in place to maintain a safe learning environment for everyone.

Safety Rules


I ___________________, on the ____ of ___________, 20__, agree to follow all of the laboratory safety rules, in order to provide a safe learning environment for myself and others around me. If I fail to follow the safety rules outlined above I understand that appropriate disciplinary action will be taken.

Student Signature: __________________________

I ___________________, on the ____ of ___________ 20__, agree that as the parent/guardian of ___________________, that I have read and understand the safety obligations of my son/daughter within the science laboratory.

Parent/Guardian Signature: __________________________

Teacher Signature: __________________________

Mr. Justin P. Young

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