Greetings, my name is Brian Rada. I am a New York State certified teacher in Chemistry and General Science. I am also North Carolina certified in Chemistry 9-12, General Science 9-12, and General Science Middle Grades(6-8). I am interested in applying for a teaching position in either High School Chemistry or Middle School General Science.

I graduated from the University at Buffalo in 2002 with a Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry and a minor in History. I subsequently received my certification from Buffalo State College under their post-baccalaureate program where I have obtained experience in student-teaching both 7th and 8th grade Science and High School Chemistry. Upon receiving my certification I began substitute-teaching at several local school districts. This experience has allowed me to practice my behavior management skills with students who may not be familiar with me. Additionally, through most of my academic career I worked full-time in a technical support center giving me experience in communicating and educating with a variety of personalities as well as developing skills in patience, discipline, and empathy.

I have recently completed an assignment as a science teacher for the AVID Summer Bridge Program called Prophone and the Environment. In this program students were tasked with choosing a location for a new cellphone manufacturing plant that was both safe and minimally-impacting on the environment. Students were given several laboratory experiences in both math and science where they had the opportunity to record and analyze data, formulate conclusions, and create a convincing argument for the location. The experience was very positive for students and parents involved and I plan on utilizing the skills I learned during this experience to be an effective and efficient teacher in your classroom.

I believe that the most important part of teaching is showing students why it is relevant to their future success in our society. The lessons learned in the classroom are not always about the content of the subject area but are often lessons learned in problem-solving, critical thinking, and resource management. They may not always remember the Periodic Table or the setup for a voltaic power cell, but if they learn how to solve their own problems and how to analyze a given media source, then they will be well equipped for the future.