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Organizing and managing a classroom is as important as understanding the content of the subject area. This section highlights my techniques for safety, classroom management, as well as my teaching philosophy.


Safety is a primary concern for all teachers, especially science teachers. In order to foster safe conditions, I will employ a three-point policy. First, all students will complete a safety laboratory activity involving getting to know the equipment and safety equipment in the classroom. This will include a safety contract to be signed by the students and their parents, if necessary. Second, safety equipment and safety rules will be posted in the room for all the students to see and read. Third, by conducting myself in a safe manner at all times, students will learn safety by observing an authority perform. Each of these policies will enhance the students' understanding of safety in the science classroom.

Sample Contract

Classroom Management

Classroom management is a very important task for all teachers. My ability to maintain control of the classroom has been tested but I have never failed to maintain control. There isn't any one perfect method to manage disruptive behavior and as a skilled teacher I intend to utilize numerous techniques.

First, I have a short list of seven rules that I expect all students to follow. These rules will be clearly defined and on display in the classroom. Second, I am very consistent with following these rules. Being constistent is probably the most effective classroom management skill I have used. When the students are not following them, I do apply several techniques. During the class, I employ patient waiting for mild disruptions. I also use proximity control to keep students focused. Additionally students know that they may be called upon to answer a question at any time and they become more likely to pay attention. While I am not a teacher that yells at students(some students want such a reaction from a teacher) I can raise my voice and it is always clear and stern without yelling. These have been effective tools in the classroom for me.

For individual disruptive students I utilized a slightly different path. I do not like to send students from the classoom- in fact it is a last resort for me. I have used detention where I have taken disruptive students during a lunch period or after school where they can make up their classwork. During this time I attempt to learn about the student and help them analyze their own behavior. When students get to work with me outside of the class they can see I am genuinely concerned for them. In the event that this does not help the disruptive behavior, I bring the issue to their parents in order to work something out with their child. Finally, as a very last resort will I involve administration. I believe that the previous methods will solve or help to solve disruptive behavior long before it needs to be brought to such a high level.

Teaching Philosophy

As a science teacher, I put an emphasis on three goals for my students: developing their critical thinking skills, increasing their awareness of safety, and connecting science to their daily lives. In a society that is technologically advancing as fast as it is, students will need to develop these three areas in order to keep up.

My Teaching Rationale(.DOC) | Nature of Science(.DOC) | Safety Statement(.DOC)

In The Classroom

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